SOJI SOLARIN is a summation of the experiences and voyages of founder and creative director, Soji Solarin.

From Nigeria, to Los Angeles, Tbilisi, and Berlin, Solarin has led an artistic existence of 'solo residencies'. While his brand has also explored cultures outside his own making its presence felt in Moscow and Athens; thus embracing diverse representations.
As Solarin's awareness has expanded on a global scale, his designs have undergone a metamorphosis, drawing inspiration from various sources. However, this voyage signifies more than just the evolution of the clothing itself. While Solarin initially focused on using clothing to champion black identity, the seasonless brand has broadened to focus on connectivity and union as a whole. Telling stories untold, embracing the whimsical nature of myths, and exploring the intricacies of identity. This core philosophy has always been integral to SOJI SOLARIN and continues to shape the brand's futureā€¦